Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Five minutes of everything

às vezes preencho puzzles com nomes de músicas, o resultado é mais ou menos este...

Um amor "quase perfeito", não há "mais que um amor no mundo", onde não se espera a "esperada despedida" e os passos são dados em frente "sem marcha atrás". todos actos são "sombras de desejo" numa paz de lembrar a "pomba branca". mas depressa o "lado a lado" passa a "dois lados do mesmo adeus", percebemos que "agora já é tarde" ainda que estejas "aqui tão perto" no "canto no meu canto", porque "nós nunca somos iguais" e o amor não envelhece como o "vinho do porto", por isso jamais eu vou "amar como te amei".

often "young americans" have "an occasional dream", a "space oddity"? find "life on Mars" or a bit of "ziggy stardust", maybe be the "starman" or "the man who sold the world" during the "golden years". "the jean genie" had "sound and vision" to achieve "fame". "oh! you pretty things" "let's dance"! "it ain't easy" to be "fashion" while using "diamond dogs" from "station to station". be a "star" "under pressure", "be my wife".

"once" i feel "black" minded, an "animal" in a "garden" "deep" down in the "oceans". but then i said: "do the evolution", you should feel "alive", "go" to the surface, you could "even flow". but "why go"? because i know "who you are", i want to make you "smile", "release" you from your pain. Make a "wishlist" "amongst the waves" because it's "nothing as it seems". "sometimes" "life is wasted", therefor while "whipping" time at the "speed of sound", feeling "light years" away, wishing for a moment to "just breathe", a way to "come back" to that "state of love and trust". there's one "last exit, i see "low light" far away, i feel the "thin air", i know there's "no way" to get "immortality" but can't keep "in hiding", so i'm going to "save you" my "daughter".
in "the end" i want to be a "better man" and have one "last kiss".

i'm so "happy i could die", my "bad romance" is over, i'm no "monster" neither i've "poker face". i may be "beautiful, dirty, rich" but i don't want "the fame". you don't have "brown eyes" neither i'm your "summerboy", i just want to "dance in the dark" in the "disco heaven", cause yeah, "i like it rough", "retro, dance, freak" but please, don't call me "alejandro", please "just dance" until you leave me "speechless". this is our "lovegame".

"are you near?" "wake up" and tell me "the difference between us". "Ok do you want something simple? algo "fácil de entender"? yes, "an answer", the "pure" "truth". "you know", it's a "question of love"! things "changes" and i'm going to be "nice and sweet" but i won't let you "dream with someone else's dream". this is "how the end… always end"

"Hello baby", "come over" here, "i know you". You have a "pretty face", "let's take a trip together".
i'll take you to the "moons of jupiter" this "night".
no, that's "all wrong", "it's not like that anymore", i feel like an "empty box".
really, "i'd catch you" at "eleven o'clock".. "Claire"?
no, my name is "Lilah". just "put it down" and "have a lucky day".
then "take me with you", "you speak my language", "you look like rain" and you could be my "cure for pain".

"wish i" "can fly high" and get "on the top of the world" where you "stay now" or i could take "just a ride" maybe "keep on walking". "it's amazing" how "i'm falling for you". i beg you to "save me" cause i'm going "crazy" by "missing you". i'm now "finally woken" going "down to earth" but still "i want you to" "come on closer".

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